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Virtual Classroom: Learning at Home

This page will be updated frequently with lessons and activities to help you teach your children about  Pennsylvania history at home. 

Iroquois and Lenape Lesson

"A Cure for Colic"- Early American Medicine and Tea Making

hh image wyk tea.jpg

Cliveden Children's Activities

Cliveden HH.jpg

"History at Home" with Chestnut Hill Conservancy 


"I Am" Poem

Let's get creative! Explore La Salle University Art Museum's Facebook page or the Online Collections Database and choose a portrait. Pretend you are the person in the painting, and write a poem that describes who you are.

Paint Brush

Record Your Family History

Family Tree image.png

What do you know about your family's history? Look at sample family trees from Stenton, Cliveden, Belfield, Johnson House, and Wyck, and then create your own. Also, learn about family heirlooms and describe one that is special to your family!

Greenfield 1.jpg

Inspiration from

Greenfield Elementary

Silhouette Making

Silhouettes in La Salle University Art Museum's Collection

Moses williams.bmp

Logan Family Recipes

Let's get cooking! Culinary Historian Deborah Peterson visited Stenton and recreated Elizabeth S. Logan's Recipes for Sugar Cakes, Dried Cherries, and Plum Pudding. Take a look at the excerpts from Receipts for Pickling, Preserving Cooking and Quacking, and follow the modern adaptations to enjoy these treats at home.


Deborah Logan's Diaries

After the Revolution, James Logan’s grandson George and his wife Deborah Norris Logan came to live at Stenton. Deborah wrote about the family and about Stenton in her diaries and letters. Because these diaries and letters were saved, we have been able to learn a lot about the history of Stenton. Read excerpts from Deborah's diaries to learn about her portrait. 

Today, we are living through historic times. Try writing your own diary entry so that future historians can study the year 2020! What do you want people in the future to know about today? Think about how you are feeling, what questions you might have right now, or what your family is doing during this time. For more diary inspiration, check out some writing prompts here, and search for the appropriate grade level.

Deborah Logan 2013.jpg
Deborah Logan (Stenton) after Peale

Virtual Story Time

Click on the books below to hear stories read by our History Hunters Educators. More stories coming soon!

hello philly.jpg

Hello, Philadelphia!

By Martha Day Zschock

Ages 2-5


Little Firefly: An Algonquian Legend

By Terri Cohlene

Grades 3-5

dancing drum.jpg

Dancing Drum: A Cherokee Legend

By Terri Cohlene

Grades 3-5

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