2021-22 School Year Update

We are waiting on the School District's decisions about field trips for the upcoming school year. History Hunters may be offered in a few different ways:

1) Regular Field Trips (if allowed)

2) Virtual History Hunters (like last year)

3) Hybrid Virtual/Outreach Program (You will have access to virtual tours and resources AND History Hunters Guides will bring lessons/activities to your classroom)

Register Your Class to Participate

Private and suburban school classes are invited to participate in History Hunters, too! Because the program is flexible, we can help you decide which elements of the program to include in your curriculum and meet your classroom needs. Admission is $6 per student for one site. If multiple tours are booked, admission is $5 per student. Chaperones and teachers are free.  


For information on how to book a field trip, please contact us, today!

All classroom teachers who would like to participate in the program must fill out a registration form for their class annually. The form will automatically be sent to the History Hunters Coordinator for approval. Subsidized spaces are available for Philadelphia School District schools. Registrations for subsidized spaces are approved on a first come, first served basis; priority is given to Northwest Philadelphia schools. Previously participating teachers are asked to fill out the registration form at the beginning of each year to ensure that all classrooms are given equal opportunity to participate.

History Hunters Registration Information