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Virtual History Hunters Curriculum

2021-22 School Year Update

This year the History Hunters Program will be fully virtual for the first 3 sites. Teachers and students will have access to the five historic house tours in a Virtual Reality YouTube format. Teachers can schedule 3 live 30-45 minute Google Meet Sessions with History Hunters Educators, who will lead a Q&A and a virtual activity. Hard copies of the workbook will still be available to teachers who register for the program.

We will reassess later in the year to see if outreach or in-person options are available for the final 2 sites.

Inside the Virtual Classroom is everything you need for each section of the History Hunters Workbook. You will find the workbook reading and activities, the VR House Tours, mini video lessons, and all related resources. Feel free to use any and all materials. You can download/ link each item to your Google Classroom.

Use of the Virtual Classroom requires program registration. To register and receive the password, email programs@stenton.org or call 215-329-7312.