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The History Hunters Youth Reporter Program is an exciting, literacy-based educational program that takes students to five exceptional historic sites during the school year. Students in the program will become investigative reporters, writing about their experiences with the history, buildings, and artifacts of their community.


Why Participate in History Hunters?

By participating in the History Hunters program, students will explore how early settlers and Native Americans interacted, how one house in Germantown became the center of a fierce battle during the American Revolution, how children lived long ago, and what it might have been like to escape from slavery on the Underground Railroad.


Join the Hunt for History in your own backyard!

HISTORY HUNTERS is proudly supported by Historic Germantown, a partnership of eighteen extraordinary Philadelphia houses, destinations and museums. Historic Germantown tells the stories of American Liberty and the everyday people who fought for it, reflecting a neighborhood of independence-seekers, community-builders, and American Dreamers.


United by a common mission to celebrate the community's fascinating cultural heritage, Historic Germantown provides knowledge and resources to preserve Germantown's historic sites, interpret them to visitors and incorporate them into the life of the local community.

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