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History Hunters takes place at five participating sites: Stenton, Cliveden, La Salle University Art Museum, The Johnson House, and Wyck. These five sites are all part of a larger organization, Historic Germantown, which has eighteen member sites. 

Stenton is the 1730 mansion of James Logan, Secretary to William Penn. Students learn about James Logan and William Penn, life in colonial Pennsylvania, and the relationship between the colonists and the Native Americans. 

Cliveden is the 1767 summer mansion of the Chew family, and the site of the Battle of Germantown. Students learn about the Revolutionary War, life of a solider, and the paradox of the fight for independence during a time of slavery in America.

La Salle University Art Museum focuses on different mediums of portraiture, and explores Charles Willson Peale and his family who lived at Belfield, which is now the University President's office. 

At the Johnson House, students will explore the Underground Railroad, abolitionism, and the Civil War. They will learn about African customs and traditions, as well as the Johnson family who helped enslaved Africans seeking their freedom. 

Students explore Quaker family life in the early 1800’s through exceptional artifacts collected over 9 generations by a prominent Philadelphia family. Students will also learn about agriculture, past and present, with a walking tour of the farm.


The Germantown Historical Society is an archive and resource that we encourage teachers to use as support for in classroom learning. Located in the Germantown Historic Society, Historic Germantown is a consortium of 18 historic sites in the heart of Philadelphia’s Northwest. All History Hunters field trip sites are partners in Historic Germantown. 



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