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Introduction to Pennsylvania and Germantown History

Welcome to the Virtual Historic Germantown Page! Here you will find resources related to the Introduction section of the workbook. Below you will find the workbook page numbers to assign, and additional resources that you can download the files/ copy the links and include them on your Google Classroom Page. 

Workbook 2017 Edition

Intro Pages 2-29

Historic Germantown map.jpg

Workbook 2020 Edition:

Intro Pages 2-29

Organizational Charts 

Students can use an organizational chart to help them take notes while reading the workbook section.

KWL Chart- Students will write what they already know and what they want to know about Colonial Pennsylvania before reading the workbook section. Then, they can write what they learned during or after reading the workbook.

Notes, Key Points & Summary Chart - Students can use this chart to take notes while reading the workbook. After they take notes, they can pull out main points from their notes and summarize what they learned in a few sentences. (Standards 4th Grade: CC.1.2.4.A; CC1.4.4.W.   5th Grade: CC.1.2.5.A; CC.1.4.4.W.)

Vocab Building Worksheets

Related Lesson Plans/ Activities

Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network: Students can use the database to locate each History Hunters Site on the Geo History Map. Students will overlay old maps on the modern neighborhood grid, find landmarks, and then zoom out to see where it fits in the context of the city, state, and country. Google Doc Activity Sheet


History Hunters Important Definitions Quiz: Google Doc Quiz, Answer Sheet, Google Form Quiz

Philadelphia History Vocab Quiz: Google Doc Quiz, Answer Sheet, Google Form Quiz

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