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Teacher Testimonials


“The History Hunters experience has provided instructional opportunities in Literacy, Social Studies, and Math for our students.  It has brought to life the history that lives in our neighborhood, Germantown.”

-T.C. Lingelbach School


“Its uniqueness, academic accurateness and pupil friendly approach is truly a great gem in making U.S. History come alive.”

-B.M. Jenks School


“The curriculum aligns perfectly with the Philadelphia fifth grade Social Studies curriculum.  Social Studies can tend to be dry, but with History Hunters, it allows history to come alive.”

-J.S. Moore Elementary  


"In addition to having excellent material within the workbook, it also provided the starting points to pull in other materials (informational and fiction text, primary sources) to fulfill the standards of the new Common Core Standards. Information within the workbook enabled students to experience different perspectives and write from those differing points of view. I was easily able to supplement the material with additional literacy based resources. The primary sources included in it were perfectly matched to enhance the experience of the trips, students repeatedly referred back to the maps and other illustrations to make sure that additional information obtained 'made sense'. An excellent resource for informational text and all of its literacy components. Very happy with the quality of the workbook!"

-  Watson Comly Elementary



"I have a few students who really struggle with behavior in the classroom and require a good deal of extra support and intervention to help them to succeed in school. History Hunters has been a transformative experience for them and for me as their teacher. These same students have been my most engaged and enthusiastic participants in History Hunters. Both in the school-based activities and on the trips their hands are raised for every question, they recall the information, they want to participate and do well because they are interested and because of the interactive nature of the program. Their parents have been able to join us and see their children shine in a school related setting. (Overall, the parent engagement piece has been huge. Many parents have gotten to join us on the trips, it has helped me to build my relationship with them, and some have taken their whole families back to visit the houses.) It has helped me to see their strengths in a new way and look for ways to build on them in the classroom. One student in particular has taken an extreme interest in history - right after we visited Stenton he started researching local history online, scouring my library for history books, and could recall information about our reading or trips that no one else was able to remember. He is a struggling reader, but would work his way through challenging books about Harriet Tubman or William Penn because he found them fascinating. At the end of the year, our class gave him the "History Expert" award. I never would have thought that history would have been the subject that made school come alive for him, but it was. The experience has not only meant so much to my students, but to me as an educator. It has opened up new areas of connection with my students and helped me to become better at understanding their interests, strengths, and learning styles. Thank you!!!"

 - Alexander McClure Elementary


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